Our name

For our family Agape is much more than a name, because it represents the story of a true Love that has no ending.

It comes from the Greek ἀγάπη and means a feeling of transcendent, fraternal, immeasurable Love 

It was also the first name of the woman who has become the symbol of this precious gift that the earth offers us with its unconditional love, liquid gold. Agape was born on February 14th 1922, the day dedicated to Saint Valentine, and married Dovilio, a man who was also born on February 14th 1921. Their marriage lasted 70 years and was celebrated in a village in the beautiful Montefeltro, where the relics of the Saint Patron of Love, Saint Valentin, are kept. 

The story of our oil mill began with this couple, who gave to the following generations its wisdom, knowledge and awareness that the purest and most beautiful thing that can be created is what is done with Love.

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