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Agape’s Recipes

“To my Grandmom Betta and my Mom Agape, who were my cooking teachers, but above all my life teachers”. Nilvana


The arrival of spring would mean that men had to go back to the hard work in the fields, but also that the winter supplies were starting to run low. At the same time however, the earth would begin to offer fruit and vegetables which became the main ingredient of the meals.
Baggiana is a spring recipe, a simple dish with seasonal vegetables and herbs, made in terracotta cookware over low heat, to keep all the juice of the vegetables and both taste and nutritional properties.

- gr. 700 fresh peeled broad beans

- Cut beets

- 4 slices of bacon

- 4 spoons of Agape extra virgin olive oil

- A few fresh garlic leaves

- Salt and Pepper

In a large terracotta pan, fry the bacon cut into strips with oil and minced fresh garlic. Add the broad beans and mix them. Add the beets and a pinch of coarse salt. Close the pan with a lid and cook over low heat, adding a little water if necessary, until the beans are cooked. Before serving, season with a sprinkling of pepper.

Nuts and breadcrumbs Spaghetti

We would normally have this dish on days of fasting and abstinence, because it is a very poor recipe that fully matches with the spirit of penance required on these occasions.

- 400 gr dried spaghetti

- 4 table spoons of Agape extra virgin olive oil

- 50 gr breadcrumbs

- 8 walnut kernel

- 1 clove of garlic

- Chilli (optional)

Heat the oil in a frying pan. Add the garlic and chilli and fry until the garlic is starting to color. If you prefer remove the garlic and the chilli, then add the breadcrumbs stirring occasionally until it gets lightly brown. Meanwhile, cook the pasta in a saucepan of boiling salted water, drain it when the spaghetti are “al dente”, add them to the pan with a splash of the water it was cooked in and the walnuts coarsely chopped. Serve topped with a drizzle of oil.

Stuffed Snails

At the arrival of Spring, proteins and winter supplies begin to run low. For this reason, if there was a storm or even just a few drops of rain, men would go out early in the morning in search of snails. At home, after letting them drain for a few days, my grandmother and mother slowly cooked them in a saucepan with sautéed garlic and wild fennel and with the final addition of wine and tomato.

- 500 g of clean snails

- 1/2 glass Agape extra virgin olive oil

- 2 cloves of garlic (if available, fresh garlic leaves would be better)

- Wild fennel

- 500 gr chopped tomatoes

- 1/2 glass white wine

- Salt

- Chilli

In a large pan, sauté the minced garlic and the chopped fennel in heated oil for a few minutes. Add the snails and stir them frequently to ensure they don’t burn. Pour the wine and when it has evaporated, add the chopped tomatoes and the chilli.
Lower the heat, season with salt and stir gently with a wooden spoon. Add a glass of warm water, cover the pan and let cook the snails for about 2 hours.

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