The land

This small and evocative medieval village called Sassocorvaro stands on top of a green hill in the heart of Montefeltro. At its feet, there is a peaceful lake, that on windless days stands calm and gives back the image of the surrounding landscapes, with thousand different tones of green.

St. Trinity Church (Ss. Trinità)

Not many people know that the skull of the Saint Patron of lovers, St. Valentine, is kept in this suggestive medieval village, in a small tiny church. On the 14th of February of each year, the village turns into a pilgrimage destination for many lovers who come to renew their promises and receive the blessing of the Saint.

Rocca Ubaldinesca, the Fortress

Another flagship of Sassocorvaro is the Rocca Ubaldinesca, an extravagant turtle shaped fortress, an architectural masterpiece made by the collaboration between the powerful and emblematic Ottaviano Ubaldini della Carda and one of the best architects of the Renaissance, Francesco di Giorgio Martini. Lovers of esotericism know the Rocca as one of the worldwide jewels of alchemical symbology. During the Second World War, the Rocca Ubaldinesca was the place where Pasquale Rotondi's majestic rescue project took place:  nearly 10.000 artworks were hidden here from the German soldiers, including the Tempesta by Giorgione, the Ideal City and many other works by famous artists including Raffaello Sanzio, Piero della Francesca, Carlo Crivelli, Tiziano, Lorenzo Lotto, Paolo Uccello, Andrea Mantegna.

Gastronomic surprises

For all those who decide to visit these peaceful places full of beauty, nature, history, culture and legends, there is a wide selection of local gastronomy surprises. If you would like to discover the essence of Agape oil, contact us: we are always very happy to organize a tasting in our oil mill.

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