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Agape is a top-quality extra virgin olive oil rewarded with national and international prizes. It stands out for its hints of freshly cut grass, artichoke and almond.

Its taste is a particular balance of fruitiness, bitterness and pungency, which makes it gentle, but with its own personality at the same time. We supervise every step of the production, starting from the early harvest, when olives turn from green into black, and we press them within 24 hours, to keep all the aromas and organoleptic properties.

We suggest to use Agape in different recipes. Its characteristics are enhanced in hot dishes, soups, grilled meat and bruschetta. Store in a cool and dry place, away from light and heat. Best before the date appearing on the label.

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Chemical and organoleptic characteristics of Agape

% AcOlei Acidità 0.24
mg/Kg Polifenoli totali 320
meq02/k Perossidi 5
U.A. K232 1.88

Acidity: main indicator of the quality of the olive oil. The higher its value, the poorer the oil. The acidity is not detectable in the flavor, but only through chemical analysis. It is not to be confused with the peppery feeling in the throat, which means the presence of polyphenols. Extra virgin olive oil must feature a free acidity lower than 0.8%, even if a high quality one has normally less than 0,4%.

Polyphenols: are powerful antioxidant agents, that means they have anti-aging action, they lower heart disease risk, decrease diabetes risk, may help cancer and dementia patients, and also add plenty of flavor to extra virgin olive oil. The more, the best for health and the tastier is the oil.

Peroxides: it is the level of degradation and aging. The maximum peroxide value for extra virgin olive oil is 20. High quality extra virgin olive oil should have a peroxide value below 12.  A very low peroxide value is desirable, as an elevated level of peroxide indicates an oil has been damaged by free radicals and is beginning to go rancid.

K232: is another critical marker for good quality extra virgin olive oil and indicates if the oil structure has changed following oxidation. Oxidation can be the result of natural aging or indicative of poor handling or heating during the production. The maximum value for extra virgin olive oil is 2.5

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